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If you are an educator who is passionate about a specific topic, & you want to start & GROW your personal brand with YOUTUBE then join the waiting list for our Signature Program BTO.  Unsure of what videos you will create, how to turn your channel into a stream of income & how to overcome feeling like an imposter or not good enough within your own niche then you are not alone! I'm so grateful for the chance to work with the best of the best in creating positive content to serve others and turn it into a full time income stream!  Cheering for you always! -Nancy

After generating a 6 figure income online with a brand of my own all done around my kids' schedules, I knew that I needed to share HOW with other passionate educators! I just couldn't keep this all to myself!

If you are wanting to do MORE by creating a brand of your own, but feel unsure on the direction to take or how to create income opportunities with all of your efforts online then let me & the select content creators in this course teach you exactly how.

Beyond Teaching Online is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Helps you develop a clear picture  for your online brand & ideal client.

2. Teaches the best practices for YouTube to attract your target audience and future referrals and coaching clients. 
3. Provides a proven roadmap to build a system that generates passive income where you are making money when you are not on the clock

4. Teaches how to build your own coaching program and launch to your audience.  
5. Offers ALL of my support documents, resources and templates so you don't have to recreate them from scratch yourself for your own brand. 
6. Has an invested community of like-minded educators building success YouTube brands of their own offering feedback & support as you face any future hurdles. 

6. Gives you access to my coaching & expertise in branding, YouTube, affiliate marketing, coaching & more! I CAN NOT WAIT! 

This course isn't for every Teacher! It is for those teachers that are looking for MORE & are willing to put forth the effort to learn and move forward with ACTION! You know if I'm talking to you!

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Module 1

CREATE: Branding & Game Plan

Get super clear on your target audience and create the platform and business accounts that will be the "face" of your biz. Gain insight and feedback on anything that is holding you back & set your brand and recruiting goals for the next 6 months! This is where you take action and create the dream brand you have always wanted to! Clarity and action are key in this module.

Module Highlights:

  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Create the Vision for Your Online Brand
  • Set-Up Your Weekly Content Platform (I recommend and know YouTube) & Set Goals!
Module 2, 3 & 4

EDUCATE: Creating Consistent Content Online

We tackle the best strategies and techniques in researching keywords and knowing what topics and content is searchable and will be able to attract eyes to your content! You are TEACHING as you answer questions and solve a problem for your ideal audience. We dive into titling, scripting, filming, editing & upload optimization for your weekly content! I specifically dive into the details for optimizing a YouTube channel to funnel eyes to your services (Recruiting & or Coaching etc.)

Module Highlights:

  • Creating Searchable Content on YouTube
  • Video Creation & Upload Optimization
  • Understanding where you are driving traffic in your script & link optimization for passive income!
Module 5, 6, 7


Learn the three levels of generating income for your brand & how to implement each of them: Affiliate Marketing, Coaching/Teaching & preparing to offer a course of your own. Learn the best techniques to grow your traffic & then set-up the entire system to create passive and active income with a brand of your own. 

Module Highlights:

  • Clarify Your Offer
  • Entire system to create passive income
  • Automated marketing system to gain coaching clients and help them get results 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you complete each phase in the course process & you don't see growth in your brand &  opportunities for online income then bring me your work, and I will give you a full refund! If you are unhappy with your results within the 1 month window post start date then you may email me & ask for a refund! I am very confident in the system and resources & know you will see results as long as you put them into ACTION! I want you to feel safe & want each member of the course to find success, support and epic growth! If for any reason you are unhappy then please let me know! I'm your biggest cheerleader & I don't take my role as your mentor and coach through this process lightly!! [email protected]


RECRUITING for Online Teachers

We will dive into the details on finding referrals if you want to recruit for an online teaching company.  You gain access to my entire system for finding, attracting and coaching your own referrals. This exact system has attracted and helped thousands of people start teaching online with my own referral link & you get the entire system, support docs & templates for no extra cost. 

Module Highlights:

  • How to find and attract teacher referrals
  • How to create a system that runs on autopilot freeing up time and more opportunities for growth within your brand
  • A Website Template for your referrals/coaching clients that walks them through each step so you aren't always "on."

NURTURE & SCALE with Instagram, Facebook & Hired Help

Learn the best growth and engagement strategies for your Instagram Account. Set-Up and scale your Facebook group to assist those in your community & discover the importance of hiring help as your numbers and brand grow! 

Module Highlights:

  • Instagram Growth Plan
  • Facebook Group Best Practices (Taught by an expert who has built multiple Facebook groups with thousands of active, engaged members)
  • Insight & help on how to hire an assistant to help with your brand as you grow! This will be a game changer as you SCALE!

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Beyond Teaching Online

You choose how much time to spend, but I have worked part time hours & created a full time income with this very system. You will have an exact roadmap that guides you on how to create weekly content and monetize your efforts online. The homework and how to are ALL done for you! You will take time to brainstorm content, create videos and posts and connect with your community, but this is where you will gain guidance and clarity on where you are going with your brand! Building the system up front takes more of your time than it will in the future, but once you build it then it runs on autopilot. If you give me 30 minutes a day, I'll get you results!!

No. We cover affiliate marketing (recruiting) as well as offering your own coaching/teaching & also prepare you to sell your own product or service such as a digital course. The sky is the limit. We dive deep into affiliate marketing and coaching specifically in this program. 

It is always changing, and the good news is you are going to be right there in the trenches and know of it right away! This gives you the opportunity to create content that will then update the public on these changes! WE also offer a foundational course to prepare you. It also has an affiliate program @ if you would like to recommend this program for your own referrals & earn a commission. 

I am completely confident that you will see growth and passive income after completing this course. You have a 30 day money back guarantee if you show me the work & the results weren't in alignment with what I shared you should expect!

Yes, but we also have an implementation calendar for you to follow!

You will have a year of access to the course content from start date, and there are 7 modules with a large bonus package alongside our core curriculum. 

We teach the YouTube funnel inside this course & it is the main part of setting up your brand. I would not recommend this program if you do not want to create a YouTube channel as your source of educating and connecting with your audience and funneling leads to your affiliate links, services & products. 

Foundational Course available year round! 

If you are a new teacher yourself or want to improve your skills as a coach then click the link below to check out my foundational course on Teaching ESL Online! Once you purchase the course for a steal of a deal you can apply for an affiliate link, and you will make 50% commission.  

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