The Three Phase Framework to Build a Profitable Brand of Your Own Online with YouTube

In This Masterclass



Branding Mistakes & What to Do Instead on YouTube

If you are feeling as though you don't have the time, resources, know-how or personality to build a brand of your own then I can help! I will share with you simple strategies that you can implement immediately being who you are & using what resonates with you and your personality! We cover not only the technical side of growing a thriving brand, but also the values and overall purpose that you will bring.


How to Grow Your Brand

I share the exact funnel we use in our business that has generated multiple six figures a year with organic traffic on YouTube. You can too! I'll show you how to make a lasting online business that is fulfilling, fun & has the ability to generate a full time income. 


How to Make Money With Your Own Brand!

If you are wanting to make both passive and active income with a brand of your own then you are in the right place. I teach how to give free, value-packed content that attracts your ideal referrals, customers, students and clients. With our system you will have everything running on autopilot & get to spend your time when and where you want. 



3 Phases to a Profitable YouTube Channel 

You will leave knowing the simple framework that generates leads and income with a YouTube brand of your own optimizing affiliate marketing and coaching. It is a proven system that flat out works as long as you trust the process & implement. 

"Nancy is a YouTube wiz!! She is extremely thorough in all her videos and breaks down the information so that it is easy to follow along. ""

Catherine Davis

Do you Want To Earn Money When You Aren't On The Clock?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the hours you are working and looking to build passive and active income online under your own brand then you have come to the right place!! Whether you have started building a brand of your own or not all the strategies I teach will pivot you in the right direction to build momentum and see results.  

Join me to learn what it takes to step into what you were called to do. You will discover how to find financial freedom for you and your family! I have the road map ready for you, & I am thrilled to be a part of your journey! 


A Note From The Instructor...

Learn my top strategies to attract and serve more people with your own personal brand 

When I started working online 5 years ago I never imagined I'd be where I am today!

I have been very fortunate to have found a system that attracts, teaches & serves others while generating a full time income. 

After hitting 6 figures, working while my children sleep, I knew that I needed to share more with other educators. 

I know that if I can do this, so can you, & I'd love to give you the road map on exactly how!