Free Power Hour Training

Manage your time & feel better while working from home for busy Christian women


Power Hour Training for Christian Women Working From Home

-Online teachers, coaches & homemakers

Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel depleted and exhausted? You feel like you were going non-stop, but look back & can't name one thing you feel like you accomplished that day.

You constantly feel interrupted throughout the day by the pile of dishes, kids needing a snack, a notification on your phone, a fight to be broken up, an email that feels urgent, and not to mention the endless pile of laundry (Guilty)!

With our brains constantly overstimulated and endlessly thinking of all the things we need to do it makes sense why we feel so tired when we finally crawl into our beds at night (Not to mention possibly being woken moments later by a crying toddler). 

What if your day didn't have to feel this way?


You didn't have to feel...

like you can't do it all

all over the place

too busy



not enough

& like a failure


What if I told you that your days could be filled with being fully present, feeling fulfilled, accomplishing what matters most to you & progressing towards your goals. You may see a glimpse of this at times. It may be on vacation or when you go for a run or read a book.

but what if it was available to you each and every day at any given moment. 


Let me show you how in my free Power Hour Training


Free Power Hour Training

Manage your time & feel better while working from home for busy Christian women

Less doing and more being. 


When I picture the Savior's life I don't see him rushing from one thing to the next. I can see Him going about His day with intention focusing on what truly matters- people, relationships, story telling, and creating comfort and peace. 


How can we do this same thing in our homes when we feel pulled in so many directions? 

You are the creator of your day

You are the creator of the environment in your home

You have the ability to lean on Him as you co-create the life you want to live on purpose


It all starts with a pause and that is what the Power Hour is. It is a tool you can use weekly to pause and intentionally plan your week for less doing and more becoming who you want to be. 

It is not another time management strategy you will download and forget about, but a weekly practice that over time can transform you and how you show up in your home, your business & your life. 


Lets do this.  

"With Nancy's coaching for the past couple of years, she’s helped me uncover strongholds that have been holding me back. She’s been a compassionate ear for me to work through hard things and heal. She’s helped me develop realistic and practical ways to set up my life and daily routine in order to finally make my dreams come true."

Kelli Jones

"I started working with Nancy when I was at a transition point in my career. Nancy taught me how to really dig deep into my thoughts and feelings through her coaching model. I was able to move from feeling indecisive and stuck to easily saying yes to an opportunity that perfectly matched my background in literacy. Now I’m excited to continue working with Nancy to establish healthy boundaries with my job and to reach some personal goals. Learning to change my mindset and work through challenges in a constructive and positive way has been an amazing gift that I know I’ll continue to use far into the future. "

Melissa Lytle

"I started my business back up with Nancy’s program. I realized I was doing things I didn’t even like and I could really make my business mine this time instead of scrambling. I’ve had the confidence to try so many new things like building a website, making ads, and funnels. I had been working on this previously, but I feel much more mindful of my limits, boundaries and goals now. "

Natalie Wright

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