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Hello everyone! My name is Nancy Taylor, and I'm pretty excited for you to be on my website! Welcome! I hope that you feel at home & that you can find your way around and stuff:) If not, you can blame me. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm sure willing to learn! This website came from inspiration I feel to give and share more resources and knowledge on navigating teaching ESL online & building your own online business. I'm very passionate about helping others to experience the joy that comes from teaching online & especially the opportunity it brings of being home with your families! Nothing beats being home with my babies and experiencing everything through the eyes of a child. 

After teaching in the mainstream classroom for 5 years I was searching for an online job. I started subbing when my daughter was a couple months old because we weren't at a place where I couldn't work, but I was determined to be home. I would only sub when my husband was home from flying, and it worked, but I knew that this wasn't what I wanted to do to "be home." I kept searching and searching online and tried several online teaching jobs that just weren't a good fit. I came across an ad on Indeed.com to apply to be an online ESL teacher for VIPKid. I thought it was fake when I tried to google VIPKid. This was in January of 2016 when there were around 500 teachers. There are 70,000+ now and many people know about it! When doing my research a video popped up on YouTube of a VIPKid teacher, and she looked like she loved it. It got me so excited, and I decided to go for it. I passed everything (Much easier to do back then) and started opening my bookings. I was an exhausted brand new mom, but I was fired up to make this work, & I  jumped all in!  I frantically opened as many slots as I thought was doable with a 5 month old & a missing husband 2-4 days a week (He's a pilot & literally "travels" for work.. haha). That first month I got 11 bookings.... 11 bookings!!!......That is about $100 the entire month!!  I was so sad, but still determined to make this work because I LOVED it. I got to be home and TEACH from home. The students filled me with so much energy and love for what I was doing! Was it too good to be true? I continued subbing, and I found a break the next month by making a "Book Me Video!" They don't have them anymore, but it was just a video of me carrying my baby around Northern Utah and explaining what we saw! "I see the mountains," etc. haha! 63 bookings that month, and it snowballed from there!

I have had many leadership roles with VIPKid including: a Mock Class Mentor, Fast Pass Coach, A Brand Ambassador on YouTube, Curriculum Video Creator, Journey Conference Presenter & how grateful I am for my own personal journey! It has truly changed our lives & allowed me to fulfill my greatest dream of being a stay-at-home mom! My YouTube channel was the result of me wanting to share how wonderful it is to be able to work from home. I have been sharing videos about teaching ESL online for the past 3 years, and I'm just as thrilled today as I was in the beginning. I've helped over 1,600 teachers join VIPKid, and I know that it has changed many of their lives as well. Going from $20,000 my first year to over $130,000 by year 3 was never a goal of mine, but I believe it happened because of the willingness to serve and share. I know that many decisions and things that I've done with my online business have been guided from a loving Father in Heaven allowing me to be a resource and support for so many others. I know that I have learned so much from those I've come in contact with online, & I hope that I can pay that forward! I'm cheering for you & remember, You Got This!


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