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Hello everyone! My name is Nancy Taylor, and I'm pretty excited for you to be on my website! Welcome! I hope that you feel at home & find what you need here!

This website came from inspiration I feel to give and share more resources and knowledge on navigating teaching online & building your own online business with YouTube. I'm very passionate about helping others to experience the joy that comes from teaching online & especially the opportunity it brings of being home with your families! Nothing beats being home with my babies and experiencing everything through the eyes of a child. 

After teaching in the mainstream classroom for 5 years I was searching for an online job to be home with my first baby. It was an answer to my prayers to find an online teaching job, & I did this for four years as I built an online brand with YouTube. I had the privilege of helping 2,000+ teachers begin teaching online, & I'm so grateful for this amazing opportunity. I believe teaching online is such a good place to start with your own online brand. 

Today I help educators build a profitable YouTube channel that is both fulfilling and fun! It has been such a wild journey and I'm grateful every day to my Heavenly Father for trusting me to help others in this capacity. I consider myself your virtual cheerleader, & I hope that I can be a part of your online journey! You Got This!!


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