VIPKid Pay & Payment FAQ's


 All the details here for you about dolla, dolla bills as an online ESL teacher for VIPKid!

Let’s get started!

 Payment per 25-28 minute class as a VIPKid TEACHER

You will receive an email about your base pay in the application process. You can also check it on your portal under “My Info” “Payment” and “Price List” to see how much you are paid per class without any bonuses. Bonuses are all the same for everyone! 


Whitch ah whitch ah…. Let’s Break it Down... 

On your VIPKid Teacher App under the “payment” tab. Go to “account,” (bottom right) and then “payment” (top right) The images below are a "beautiful walk through by yours truly" of where you will see your pay showing up! 

If you are a current ESL teacher I have materials to help you recruit and grow your online brand HERE! I'd love to be your coach as well! 


Extra payments you can earn to Increase your Income: 

1- Bonuses

1- $1 per class for showing up (Participation Incentive)

2- $5 for getting a trial class sign-up

3- $1 per class for teaching 45 + classes that month (Finished Classes)

$2 for teaching a short notice class that is within the 24 hours before class time but not 1 hour before supposedly… hehehe... . 

More Incentives: PPT Incentives/Activity Incentives- (VIPKid will post of incentives for opening up Peak, Peak Times on your schedule and other things) Check the weekly updates to see these! 


2- Referral incentive

1- $100 per teacher that uses your link/code, goes through the application process and teaches his/her first class. 

2- Each quarter you receive a bonus for hitting certain milestones. I.E. If you recruited 3 teachers in 3 months you would get a $100 bonus. If you recruited 400 + in 3 months you would get a $30,000 bonus. 

Written form in case this helps... and they will probably change... so be sure to check by going to "support" on your teacher portal and typing in "referral bonuses" or something similar! That is how I found this graphic. 

  • 3 referrals: $100 
  • 5 referrals: $200 
  • 10 referrals: $500 
  • 20 referrals: $1,200 
  • 30 referrals: $2,400 
  • 50 referrals: $6,000 
  • 200 referrals: $25,000 
  • 400 referrals: $30,000

3- Leadership position &  Payment (General numbers for pay, some may vary)

Leadership positions are found on your portal under “resources” “certifications” and “builders program.” I would check at the beginning of each month and reach out to other teachers with these positions to stay up to date on when they are hiring and more. 

*Note* There is a pay range for different variables such as bonuses, experience & time in position. Some leadership positions may be outside of these ranges, but this gives you a good idea of the earning potential. 


I have been involved as a Fast Pass Coach, MCM, BA, & Curriculum Video Contributor. I love the opportunities to learn, grow and connect that each opens up! The pay is nice too!:) Cheering for you to find a good fit for you and set a goal to go for it! 

Payment set-up

Pay is updated on the daily in your teacher portal or on the VIPKid teacher phone app. You are paid via DIRECT DEPOSIT, and you set that up when signing your contract. Some banks have a $12 or so transfer fee. For some leadership positions such as a Brand Ambassador I'm paid with or with a check each month. It is run out of the San Fran office, as are the Fast Pass Coach payments. MCM payments go into my teacher portal, so your payment structure may vary with position. 

 Daily Routine:

✅Teach class

✅Check feedback

✅Check payment tab

….sleep.... repeat…..hehehehe... Rewarding to teach and be making money doing it!

You can choose to be paid 2 times a month or 1 time. For those that get paid 1 time it shows up in your bank account around the 7th. For 2x a month you see it around the 7th and then the 22nd. Choices are so fun… You can change this by going to “Change Payment Cycle” in the payment tab of your portal. 


I have my payment set-up for 1 x a month because it helps me track referral payment in one place. I believe most teachers do 2x a month because it is nice to have 2 paychecks right?! Choose what works best for you. 



1- How is your Pay determined?

You will receive your base pay in the application process. They determine your pay with an algorithm that takes into account your education, teaching experience, TESOL certificates and your score in the application process. 

 2- How do I get the Highest Base Pay?

Be sure to list all of your education & teaching experience. You can look into getting a TESOL certificate HERE (scroll down a bit) and also do your homework on teaching ESL online & snag a coach for the application process. It makes a big difference! If you need a coach I’m HERE

3- What are the pay raise requirements?

Quoted from the VIPKid teacher portal!

Teachers may only qualify for a $0.50 USD base rate increase every two contracts – if conditions in this document are met. That means on the year mark you may qualify

Clear as mud?... Let me clear it up….Just teach your heart out during peak times, set 9,000 alarms and ask for apple feedback & you are golden!:) 


4- Do I receive payment for student no shows & IT issues?

Yes. Full pay, unless it is a trial class then you are paid ½. 


5- Do I get paid if I miss class? 

No, and you have to pay $10 and give them a lung.. Just kidding, but it kind of feels like it. You do have to pay $10.. Sad day, but you get knocked down, and you get back up again, ain't nothing going to keep you down! 


Again, let me know if I can help you out with the Application Process HERE or send me an email with questions at [email protected]

& if you are a current teacher looking for help in stepping up your game in recruiting and growing your brand check out THESE resources! Course launching in January 2020! 


I'd love to be your coach!


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