VIPKid Requirements & Teaching Job Overview:

So you are interested in VIPKid eh?! 

Then you have come to the right place, and if not I'll put a funny joke at the end so that this was worth your time! In this post we go over what VIPKid is, requirements to teach for VIPKid, pay, hours, & teaching set-up to help you know if it is a good fit for you. I’ll try to keep this snippy so you can get the information you need FAST, like the Chick-fil-a drive through… yum! Now I want a Chicken sandwich…. Dang it…. 

What is VIPKid?

Well technically it is a Very Important Person Kid?... That doesn’t sound right, but if you want to sound cool in front of your VIP friends pronounce it V as in the letter V, I as in the letter I, P as in the letter P and then say the word KID! Now you can hang! You have already read too many words here… I know! Moving on…. 

1- You teach 25-28 minutes English classes. It is one-on-one with students based in China (and expanding). Students are ages 4-12 (and expanding). Classes are levels 1-7 (and expanding… do you see a trend?..). That is pre-k into Elementary Common Core Curriculum with the addition of specialty courses and more. You certify individually in each course to be able to teach it. Trial classes are a certification you want to get right after you finish the application process to boost your bookings. These are classes taught to potential VIPKid students, and you get a $5 bonus if they sign up, so…. There’s that… Chick-Fil-A sandwich bonus money…. 

2- You teach from the VIPKid platform, which has a powerpoint with interactive features & student/teacher video and audio. Think of it like a skype/zoom meeting with a powerpoint lesson. All lessons are done, and your job is to prep materials for the lesson objectives, review student’s previous class notes & have a blast in class! Seriously, it is a blast!

3- You open up 30 minute slots on your calendar in your teaching portal and parents work with a learning partner to book your class. At first bookings are slow like any brand building a clientele, and then things will pick up! Check out THIS video on how to boost your bookings! Be aware that February is slow for bookings because of Chinese New Year, as is July/August because students are on summer break. Once you have been teaching for a while these may not affect you. A good time to boost your bookings are over American holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas because many teachers take off! Just remember your turkey props and Santa hats to bring holiday cheer! 

If you are thinking about doing VIPKid find me HERE! I’d love to be your coach & share all my resources with you… You can keep reading through and just scroll back to this part if you need help…. I trust you.. Well, I’ll just put it at the bottom too…. In case….Are you still reading this?... because it is in bold?...Now are you reading it?…Really should have taken that course on copywriting… hahah… oh well.


1) Bachelor’s Degree (Any field of study)

2) 1 Year Teaching Experience (This doesn’t have to be professional. It could be coaching, tutoring, working with family etc. and needs to equal 1 year of 40 hour work weeks)

3) Eligibility to work in the US or Canada (You need to have experience with the K-12 curriculum in America or Canada, and they look for a Native English accent)



 Really early or really late:) hehehe! Check out the chart below with all the deets! 

Hour chart 

These are the peak times to open up slots for the highest percentage of bookings, but some teachers teach evengins year round, and others book classes outside of these times on a regular basis. You will be like scientists testing all sorts of times, days and…. alarm clocks...  as you get started! Channel your inner Bill Nye to find what works…. These are the peak booking times for your reference. By the way PPT means powerpong and peak, peak times for booking in case you see that cute little acronym in your future! 

March-November (No Daylight savings in China) Summer Months

November-March (No Daylight Savings in China) Winter Months



Outside of the payment in student love letters and smiles and giggles on the other end you make $$ too. Rewarding for your heart and your pocket. You’re welcome!:) 

More DETAILS on PAY with FAQ’s are in my next blog post, but the spark note version is below…. 

Payment per 25-28 minute class

Other leadership opportunities have higher pay rates that you can apply for on the “certification” tab of your portal under the “builder’s program” HERE on your portal

4️⃣Equipment List & Classroom Set-up Guide

Good news! You don’t have to set-up an entire classroom for 30+ students… or maybe you do because you are a mainstream classroom teacher too… you rock, but for VIPKid you just need a couple key things to rock and roll!! Simple, clean, neat and educational. 

I have EVERYTHING listed HERE for you to get set-up! Don’t waste your time stressing over it all. Look through the guide, grab what you ALREADY have and practice your TEACHING skills. Your classroom will grow with you, but I see too many teachers stress about their set-up rather than their teaching! The biggest thing I see as an interviewer is the need for good lighting, which is listed in my guide, and an educational background! You want earbuds or a headset and a great internet connection. You can use DIY props until you have locked in the position! Also head HERE if you need help with the application process! I’d love to be your coach!

5️⃣ Contract & TAXES 

Your Contract...

You sign a contract for 6 months, and you can renew it every 6 months. VIPKid will email you the month before it is renew time, so hang tight and check your emails. The biggest thing I see contracts not being renewed for is 6 or more teacher no shows/cancellations within the 6 month time period. You would have to go through the application process again if this were to happen and start with a new profile. Set 9,000 alarms.  


You fill out a 1099 and have to pay your own taxes. I always say to save 30% of your paycheck to be extra safe when tax season rolls around. You can work with an accountant or set it up to make payments quarterly. I paid all my taxes in April for my first 2 years of teaching and then started paying quarterly in year 3 because of increased income. 


FUNNY JOKE AT THE END! Good job for getting to the funny joke… 

What do you get when you mix an elephant and a rhino?



Hope you laughed, & I hope to see you around. If you aren’t already teaching for VIPKid HERE are my digits… (Well my referral code)..close enough…. 

Remember to choose to be happy & you got this! Learn more about the VIPKid Application Process HERE! 



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