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15 VIPKID Teaching Tips

If you are a teacher, you know that you are always on the lookout for ways to make your classroom move more smoothly. In this post you will find 15 tips to use in your online classroom gig with VIPKID. 

For this post, I have added some of my own tips but here is an older video from Nancy that are still very applicable and explains some of these tips in detail. 

1. Classroom Set-up:

Whether you are a veteran or newbie, getting your classroom set-up just right is going to make a huge impact on your level of effective teaching. Grab Nancy's free Classroom Set-up Guide to see the equipment she uses and recommends for your classroom. 

2. Feedback

During class time, have a notebook or side screen where you can take notes while you are teaching the student. It can get confusing as you move quickly from class to class so be sure to write it down. Nancy likes to use the 'sandwich method' to write two things the student did well and one constructive criticism in...

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