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How to Pass Your Smart Demo with VIPKID.

Hey there! So you have met the basic requirements with VIPKID and want to move onto the demo step in the application process? You will find that you get 3 options here - one of them is the Smart Demo. Let's choose this option because we are smart, right? Great! It's quick and virtually painless to do but I want to share my knowledge (really Nancy's knowledge) to help you get through it fast. I'm Teacher Stephanie and in this post I want to give you a quick summary of the smart demo steps, an overview of teaching strategies and a checklist to get yourself ready before you click "Record". 


If you do not have an application coach please feel free to use this link or enter in the code: Nancy0002 before you submit your demo lesson to gain access to all of Nancy's coaching wisdom and resources. Trust me, you will totally want this goodness guys. 

Also, go watch this video to see a complete walkthrough of the Smart Demo inside the app. 

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