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How to Pass Your Smart Demo with VIPKID.

Hey there! So you have met the basic requirements with VIPKID and want to move onto the demo step in the application process? You will find that you get 3 options here - one of them is the Smart Demo. Let's choose this option because we are smart, right? Great! It's quick and virtually painless to do but I want to share my knowledge (really Nancy's knowledge) to help you get through it fast. I'm Teacher Stephanie and in this post I want to give you a quick summary of the smart demo steps, an overview of teaching strategies and a checklist to get yourself ready before you click "Record". 


If you do not have an application coach please feel free to use this link or enter in the code: Nancy0002 before you submit your demo lesson to gain access to all of Nancy's coaching wisdom and resources. Trust me, you will totally want this goodness guys. 

Also, go watch this video to see a complete walkthrough of the Smart Demo inside the app. 

Smart Demo Summary:

You will first download the VIPKID Teacher App. You will login using your email and password you created when you submitted your basic info. Then you will be guided through videos of teaching strategies. Afterwards you will be given a short quiz about the strategies shown on the videos. You will have 90 seconds to answer each question about being a VIPKID teacher. After learning the practices, you will prepare to teach the SMART demo slide (see the checklist at the bottom of this post). When you are ready and have practiced teaching a few times, you will hit record and upload your video. In 24 hours you will get an analysis on your performance and see if you get to move on in the process to the certifications. 


Overview of Teaching Strategies:

There are 5 basic ESL strategies covered in the material before you teach. You will not only use these in your demo but also when you become a teacher. They are very helpful and effective so try to start implementing them now to become a successful teacher. 

1. Meet Lesson Objectives:

At the bottom of each slide you will see what you will need to teach (the small subtext). Vocabulary words are in red, focus on these words first. Be sure you are always trying to meet the objective in the slide before you move on to ANYTHING else. 

2. Repetition:

This is a key strategy in learning, especially in learning a new language. The students needs to hear the word at least 2 times in isolation (meaning, just the word by itself). "Cat" "cat". Then in a sentence. 

3. Speed & Language

In teaching ESL students it is important to be mindful of our speech speed. Make it slower than normal conversational speech and try to annunciate the sounds. Also take note to simplify your word choice. "Look! Ball. I see a ball." Take out the fluff and be precise. 

4. TPR 

Total Physical Response is moving your body in a way to convey meaning to the student. Remember we don't want to add in unnecessary words, so we sort of play charades in our classrooms with TPR. This is great for kinesthetic learners to do with you. Check out this post to see TPR more in depth. 

5. Model

Show them how! Break out the TPR and props my friends. Most students (especially lower level students ) will not know how to answer the question or complete the task unless you model it first. Implement the "I do, We do, You do" method when modeling. Teacher Says "Big A. Small A. A is for apple" Next we say it together, giving prompts when needed. Then add a gradual release to the last step when they say it independently. Show them first, and lead to doing it themselves. 

Smart Demo Checklist:

Be sure to print out this free checklist before you hit "record" on your smart demo. These are the best tips for passing this stage of the application process. 

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After you have watched a sample lesson you will record your lesson. Then, in less than 24 hours you will know your performance results. EEEK! Just kidding! I know you will be great! I can't wait for you to move through this process and onto teaching the most wonderful kids. Best of luck! 

-Teacher Stephanie 



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