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Pass Your Mock Class with VIPKID: Levels 2 & 3 Walkthrough

 Hello my amazing teacher friends! Greetings from Teacher Stephanie! I hope that you are having a fabulous day and you are ready to pass your Mock Class for levels 2 and 3.  Let's get pumped! Can I get a Woot Woot? 

For this step in the application process, you will prepare both lesson A & B and then when you show up for your certification, the interviewer will choose which one you teach. You will teach for a total of 10 minutes.

I would highly suggest printing off the slides and watch Nancy's Walkthrough videos

 Option A 

 Option B

Take notes. She guides you on each slide with how to teach and what the mentors are looking for to give you the most points to pass and probably more importantly, what not to do to fail. I'm probably pointing out the obvious here, but she's real good. 

Make it personal to your teaching style. Add in reward, TPR, talking slowly and clearly and Smiles/praise. Practice it over and over. Mark your notes with...

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10 Tips to Pass your Demo with VIPKid

Hello Teachers! Teacher Stephanie here with 10 tips on how to pass your demo and interview with VIPKid. 

After meeting all of the requirements (found here), the next step in completing the application process is to pass your demo


 Video with details

The demo can be recorded on your own schedule and sent in or you can schedule it to be done with an interviewer so that you have a person on the other end of the screen while you are teaching. I personally chose to record my demo and send it in because I wanted to make sure I had good lighting, my kids were taken care of (so I wouldn’t have any interruptions) and I could do it at a time convenient to my own schedule. However, I will admit that you do feel a little silly animatedly teaching to no one. GOOD NEWS! The goofiness didn’t stop but being self-conscious about it did. Being able to laugh at yourself is part of the job and it's what makes teaching so fun! 

Updated Video Walk Throughs...

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VIPKid Pay & Payment FAQ's


 All the details here for you about dolla, dolla bills as an online ESL teacher for VIPKid!

Let’s get started!

 Payment per 25-28 minute class as a VIPKid TEACHER

You will receive an email about your base pay in the application process. You can also check it on your portal under “My Info” “Payment” and “Price List” to see how much you are paid per class without any bonuses. Bonuses are all the same for everyone! 


Whitch ah whitch ah…. Let’s Break it Down... 

On your VIPKid Teacher App under the “payment” tab. Go to “account,” (bottom right) and then “payment” (top right) The images below are a "beautiful walk through by yours truly" of where you will see your pay showing up! 

If you are a current ESL...

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All You Need to Know about the VIPKid Application Process


Hello Teachers! I’m Teacher Stephanie a friend and co-worker of Nancy. I am so excited to get to write a few blog posts about teaching and working with VIPKid. I have a passion for teaching and I have loved being able to hang with these smart kids and still have the flexibility to stay at home with my three young children. Without further ado, let’s get to today’s post. 


 All You Need to Know about the VIPKid Application Process


Nancy works with a lot of referrals as a coach (helping applicants get hired) and as a mock class mentor (the interviewer you will see when you send in your videos) so she really knows her stuff with the application process. She has a great video on the whole process I will be talking about today but if you prefer to read, all of the information in this post contains the same information in the video (admittedly without the Nancy Taylor enthusiasm and flare). Sorry! Different teachers, different styles! That's...

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VIPKid Requirements & Teaching Job Overview:

So you are interested in VIPKid eh?! 

Then you have come to the right place, and if not I'll put a funny joke at the end so that this was worth your time! In this post we go over what VIPKid is, requirements to teach for VIPKid, pay, hours, & teaching set-up to help you know if it is a good fit for you. I’ll try to keep this snippy so you can get the information you need FAST, like the Chick-fil-a drive through… yum! Now I want a Chicken sandwich…. Dang it…. 

What is VIPKid?

Well technically it is a Very Important Person Kid?... That doesn’t sound right, but if you want to sound cool in front of your VIP friends pronounce it V as in the letter V, I as in the letter I, P as in the letter P and then say the word KID! Now you can hang! You have already read too many words here… I know! Moving on…. 

1- You teach 25-28 minutes English classes. It is one-on-one with students based in China (and expanding). Students are...

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